Some Re-Chord instruments

It starts with the selection of the instruments!

Before you start with a music composition for a corporate video, you should determine in advance which instruments you want to hear and how the music should sound.

Do you want to hear a gentle melody of a single instrument, a steady rhythm with background sound or rather illustrative music with orchestral instruments?

We play our instruments themselves. We play the piano, the guitars, the drums and the bass. For all other instruments such as the violin we won't use any pre-fabricated samples.


Supported by professional plug -ins, among others with orchestral instruments from the professional movie industry, we analyze the "real" way of playing and play any melody on our own.

That's the reason why each composition from Re-Chord is unique and authentic.

Just like your concepts are unique.


Test us and asks for examples for your ideas and concepts.

After all, it's Your Story and Your Music.

Re-Chord - some instruments

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