Paw seeks Heart

Film production for an animal charity!

During the last year we have cinematically reported about the great project "Race 4 Hospice" and thus supported the children's hospice Balthasar. Now we also want to invest time in 2014 for a social project which relies on donations. And in this case we are again very happy to donate our energy and services.
This time our attention is the association "Paw seeks Heart". The goal of "Paw seeks Heart" is to find a new home for animals in emergency situations (divorce, separation or death of the owner).
There also is a local animal food bank for the needy next Saturday, 1/25/2014. Beginning is 15:00 clock in the Herzogstr. (Corner Kölner Str.) in Leverkusen.
We will also be present to collect first impressions and discuss with the non-profit association the most important elements of their own video.
"Paw seeks Heart" is financed by private funds and donations and since we have a heart for animals themselves we are pleased to help these people with a film production. We support the association, the people in the background and, of course and essentially, the animals.
We look forward to this cooperation and are very excited about it's result.

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