Music for Video Games

Re-Chord - Showreel 2014/01 - Music for Video Games

In our showreel 2014/01, music for video games, we have tried to include as many different musical elements as possible.

Video games with different genre also require corresponding, appropriate music. A Jump & Run game, for example, transports figuratively (usually) a completely different mood than an action shooter. And this must also be reflected in the music.

Of course there is nothing better than a working sample in relation to a current concept. We are happy to provide individual music after initial discussions and drafts of the game designers. Thus, emotions will be mediated directly at the presentation of the project and the layouts and ideas are accompanied with music.

This showreel presents a glimpse of our possibilities. We are constantly working on new presentations and references. If you have special requests for a genre or would like to hear composed music especially for you to get a better impression about our work please don't hesitate to contact us.


Re-Chord - Showreel 2014/01 - Music for Video Games

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