Lucasfilm Games

Unforgotten classic video games

If you like adventures you will love the classic games of Lucasfilm Games. Just like us!

The introduction of the "SCUMM system", the numerous entertaining characters, the varied stories and of course the music. From the available options always the maximum was brought out in every respect and they generated standards for the future of this game genre. 

One of the most inspiring and enduring games is uncontested “The Secret Of Monkey Island”. We have the following opinion: If we want to be successful in our business, we have to deal with the current requirements and content. Beside that we also need to know the past classics (what great happiness). We think we should at least be familiar with them.

A new chapter starts for us in 2014. Who would blame us if we quote for this special moment the most well-known and popular “Chapter Theme” music section? Please forgive our nostalgic disposedness…

Chapter Theme

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