Re-Chord provides musical compositions for all video games!

There is more to composing for a computer game than simply adding sound to a predefined storyline. You have to provide music for many potential actions and plots.

The Re-Chord Media GbR offers main themes and guiding themes for highly diverse characters as well as dynamic music for a smooth game flow and generative music.

We work with the most popular techniques to underline the drama of the action and convey emotions. Thus, we intensify the entire game experience.

Whether it is music for an adventure game, a role playing game, a simulation, a Jump & Run or an online game.

We are looking forward to your concepts, ideas and projects and are happy to provide you with music samples after the first drafts.

After all, it’s Your Game and Your Music!

Re-Chord - Showreel 2014/01 - Music for Video Games