We bring music into your world of radio plays!

With us, your radio play is in the best musical hands.

Certainly, one of the most important sound elements in a radio play is the music. You must be able to underline the currently prevailing mood emotionally and convey it to the audience.

It doesn't matter whether only an atmospheric soundscape or a highly complex arrangement is desired. The music in radio plays has by now gained a far greater significance than that of a separating element between different dialogue sequences.

The music in a radio play reveals whether the scene is cheerful, sad, tense or dramatic. Through the music we can hear how the story evolves or comes to a head.

In radio plays music is able to describe a situation from the outside: Where does the story play? What does the landscape or the place we currently find ourselves in look like?

But music can also impart what people perceive, think and feel. Happy, anxious or sad feelings can be perfectly conveyed through music.

We are looking forward to your concepts, ideas and projects and are happy to provide you with music samples after the first drafts.

After all, it’s Your Radio Play and Your Music!