Re-Chord! Your Story! Your Music!

Musical composition for video games, movies and radio plays!

Musical composition is a crucial element in every video game, every movie and every radio play. That is why Re-Chord doesn’t provide any music from the archive. Because every project requires its own musical world.

Therefore, tact and team work are just as important as our identification with the project. Integration in your ideas and your visions forms the basis for an exciting and mutually satisfying cooperation.

Our approach is simple and personalized: Tell us your story! Show us a script excerpt, a rough summary, preliminary storyboards or drafts and pictures. Based on your ideas we will provide first compositions and music samples for your project.

Once the general direction is clear for both sides, we will discuss and jointly develop the musical concept for your project!

We compose the soundtrack for your pictures, your ideas and your concepts.

After all, it’s Your Story and Your Music!

Lerros - Music by Re-Chord